Billing APIs

Billing API is a RESTful API that allows setting up customers, collecting payments and maintaining balances for these customers, as well as creating recurring billing subscriptions.

Billing API documentation includes the following sections:

Objects - lists all recurring billing objects. The purpose of this section is to describe all object fields, their format and usage, provide the links to the corresponding database tables.

Type Enumerations – lists possible values that can be used in the respective fields within Billing API requests and responses. The purpose of this section is to provide an explanation of all enumerations used for API calls.

Actions - lists all actions that can be performed with key recurring billing objects. The purpose of this section is to describe the methods and format of API requests and the format of responses.

Integration Notes – lists integration notes associated with the Billing API objects and actions. The purpose of this section is to provide explicit information about the peculiarities of specific actions and object fields.

Code samples - provides examples of recurring billing use cases (creating billing plans, subscriptions, freeing or canceling subscriptions, reversing transactions, etc) and their implementation in JSON, XML, XURL formats. The purpose of this section is to provide examples that can be used for testing of the integration with the gateway.

To learn how to work with the Billing API, we recommend reviewing the integration notes first. Key recurring billing module terms are available here.
For more detailed information about the recurring billing configurations and management, check the Recurring Billing Guide.

Return Enum   
C01 C01
C03 C03
C02 C02
C04 C04
C05 C05
C06 C06
C07 C07
C08 C08
C09 C09
C10 C10
C11 C11
C12 C12
C13 C13
C61 C61
C62 C62
C6316 C63
C64 C64
C65 C65
C66 C66
C67 C67
C68 C68
C69 C69
R01 R01
R02 R02
R03 R03
R04 R04
R05 R05
R06 R06
R07 R07
R08 R08
R09 R09
R10 R10
R11 R11
R12 R12
R13 R13
R14 R14
R15 R15
R15 R15
R16 R16
R17 R17
R18 R18
R19 R19
R20 R20
R21 R21
R22 R22
R23 R23
R24 R24
R25 R25
R26 R26
R27 R27
R28 R28
R29 R29
R30 R30
R31 R31
R32 R32
R33 R33
R34 R34
R35 R35
R35 R35
R37 R37
R53 R53
R54 R54
R55 R55
R56 R56
R57 R57
R58 R58
R50 R50
R51 R51
R52 R52
R61 R61
R62 R62
R62 R62
R63 R63
R64 R64
R65 R65
R65 R65
R66 R66
R67 R67
R68 R68
R69 R69
R70 R70
R71 R71
R72 R72
R73 R73
R74 R74
R80 R80
R81 R81
R82 R82
R83 R83
R84 R84
A01 A01
A02 A02
A03 A03
D01 D01
D02 D02
D03 D03
D04 D04
D05 D05
D06 D06
D07 D07
D08 D08
D08 D08
D09 D09
D10 D10
D11 D11
D12 D12
D13 D13
D14 D14
E01 E01
E02 E02