UniPay Diagrams and Documents

Name Link Description
Communication Diagrams  

(added on 05/15/20 )
download The diagram shows connectivity details between system components for HTTPs, sFTP and other communication protocols.
UniPay Deployment Configuration  

(added on 07/14/16 )
download The diagram shows clustered deployment configuration for UniPay.
Name Link Description
Merchant Onboarding Flow  

(added on 07/08/19 )
download Diagrams showing the merchant onboarding flow and typical scenarios that may occur in this process.
Remittance Flow Diagram  

(added on 07/18/16 )
download Diagram showing how statements are processed within UniPay.
Sanitization Flow  

(added on 12/19/16 )
download Diagram showing the data flow for a sanitization process which is used in case when gateway-generated tokens are required to be used for transaction processing by an external system.
Terminal Order Flow  

(added on 05/03/18 )
download Diagrams showing the steps a terminal order goes through when processed through UniPay.
Transaction Processing Flow  

(added on 08/28/17 )
download Diagrams showing how real-time and batch transactions are processed within UniPay.
Transaction Processing Flow for Cloud  

(added on 07/08/16 )
download Diagram showing how a transaction is processed when a terminal uses managed/cloud mode.
Name Link Description
Admin Node Manual  

(added on 01/13/17 )
download Reference guide explaining how to perform administrative tasks using the admin node.
Client Host Implementation Reference Guide  

(added on 08/08/14 )
download Reference guide with code samples for implementation of logic to pass on client host from submitter's application to UniPay gateway.
Magento Module Installation and Testing  

(added on 09/04/15 )
download Reference guide for installation, configuration and testing of UniPay Magento module
PGP Key Generation  

(added on 11/24/16 )
download Reference guide for generation of PGP keys.
Subuno Module Installation  

(added on 01/06/16 )
download Reference guide for installation and configuration of UniPay Subuno module
Two Factor Authentication Guidelines  

(added on 10/20/17 )
download Reference guide for configuration and usage of Two Factor Authentication using Google Authenticator.
UniPay Domain Names Guidelines  

(added on 03/02/17 )
download Reference guide for UniPay domain names for application deployment.
UniPay Training Guidelines  

(added on 10/03/17 )
download Client guidelines on the demos and training sessions available as part of UniPay gateway support.