Prerequisite Lessons

Name Added On Description
Using online-portal 08/20/14 In this lesson you will learn how to access user interface of your gateway and how to do basic navigation.
Creating a Merchant 08/20/14 In this lesson you will learn how to create a Merchant and configure its remmittance and processing settings.
Managing remittance processes 12/21/15 In this lesson you will learn how to manage remittance within your gateway.

Managing distributions

Added On:  08/31/15
Role: Facilitators
Status:  Hidden
In this lesson you will learn the concept of funds distributions and learn how to manage them within your gateway.

Lesson Plan

  1.     Description Action
  1. 01 Funds distribution is a process that allows to distribute funds between different recipients within various transaction processing use cases.
  2. 02 Funds distributions can be distributed between the following recipients:
    • Holding account - represents a bank account which is owned by a merchant, but is used to store a specific part of money, e.g. collected taxes.
    • Vendor - represents 3rd-party which receives some part of the payment. Vendors are used in the marketplace funds distributions scenario, where merchants have several vendors, such as suppliers of merchandise, that need to receive a certain percentage of the payment. The system supports 5 different fixed rates, which allows to select up to 5 different vendor levels (I-V), each vendor level is connected to a different rate.
    • Reseller - represents 3rd-party, but uses funds distributions scenarios that differ from a vendor's ones, such as when a software company, that a merchant uses for business needs, has to receive a certain percentage for usage of its software.
    • Merchant Balance - represents merchant's funds.
    • Convenience Fee Balance - represents merchant's charges withdrawn for using merchant's services for credit card payments.
  3. 03 In your gateway, funds distributions tasks are performed mainly through Distributions perspective. Let's learn how to use it with Navigating Distributions Perspective tutorial.
  4. 04 Many tasks within funds distribution processing are related to vendors and holding accounts.
  5. 05 Practice How to create a new vendor tutorial.
  6. 06 Practice How to create a new holding account tutorial.
  7. 07 In payment card industry, there are three common use cases for funds distribution:
    • Convenience fee handling
    • Tax management
    • Marketplace automation
  8. 08 To learn more about use cases represented in your gateway, please review Understanding Funds Distribution guide.
  9. 09 Let's learn how to manage these use cases within your gateway.
  10. 10 Practice How to add a new distribution schema (Convenience Fee Handling use case) tutorial.
  11. 11 Practice How to add a new distribution schema (Tax Management use case) tutorial.
  12. 12 After we have created an appropriate distribution scheme, let's learn some tutorials related to the distributions schemes managing.
  13. 13 Practice How to attach a distribution schema to a merchant tutorial.
  14. 14 Practice How to display distribution section on merchant statements tutorial.
  15. 15 Practice How to change merchant fee withdrawal source tutorial.
  16. 16 To learn more about existing funds distributions mechanisms, review the respective article about split payment.
  17. 17 For additional knowledge of funds and commission distributions, review this Commissions sharing article.
  18. 18 Now you're equipped with all the knowledge necessary to manage funds distributions within your gateway.

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