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Generating an SDK key

Version: V6.1.0
Added on: 05/10/17
Time: 15 min
Category: Tutorials

Prerequisite Tutorials

Name Added On Difficulty Time Required Description
Creating a new user 09/01/15 30 mins You will learn how to create a new user using User perspective.

Generating an SDK key

  1. Are you ready?

    In this tutorial, we're going to learn how to generate a mobile SDK key required for activating the ability to make card not present transactions through a built-in mobile terminal application.

    We will proceed as follows:
    • Log into the application;
    • Select a service user;
    • Generate an SDK key;
    • Activate an SDK key in the mobile application.
  2. Log in to the system using your Username and Password and switch to the Management => User Perspective.

    Note: To learn how to log in and select perspectives, use the prerequisite tutorial Logging in and navigating the application.
  3. Let's learn how to generate an SDK Key.
  4. Click   Userdropdown and choose a service user you want an SDK key to be generated for.
  5. Click   Detailsbutton in the top right section of the screen.
  6. Locate   Service User Details  groupbox
  7. Click   Actionsbutton
  8. Choose   Generate SDK Key  menu item  from the list.
  9. Locate   Generate SDK Key  groupbox
  10. Locate   Send SDK Key to Selected ...  readonly and check it off if you want to send a newly generateded SDK to the selected service user.
  11. Locate   Send SDK Key to Current U...  readonly and check it off if you want to send a newly-generated SDK key to yourself.
  12. Locate   Enter Current Service Use...  textbox and enter the password for the selected user.

    Note: This step is required for an SDK key to be generated.
  13. Click   Sendbutton . A corresponding notification will be sent to the emails provided in steps 9-12.
  14. Now, let's learn how to сopy the SDK Key from the notification and paste it into the mobile terminal application.
  15. Locate the notification in your mailbox. It should be similar to the one on the screenshot.
  16. Copy the Mobile SDK Key provided in the notification.
  17. Open the mobile terminal application.
  18. Click Settings button in the top right section of the screen.
  19. Locate Account ID textbox and enter the merchant account ID associated with a particular merchant that is going to process transactions via the mobile terminal application.
  20. Locate Mobile SDK Key textbox and paste the SDK key from the notification.
  21. Click Back button in the top left section of the screen to save all changes on the form and return to the main menu.
  22. Congratulations, you are done!

    You have learned how to generate a mobile SDK key. Now you can do this by yourself.