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Creating configuration scripts

Version: V6.2.0
Added on: 06/16/17
Time: 45 min
Category: Tutorials

Creating configuration scripts

  1. Are you ready?

    In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to create defaults and processing configuration scripts that are going to be used for merchant onboarding with a particular processor. First, we will configure the defaults configuration script for processing real-time transactions via Vantiv Lowell. Then, we will configure a processing configuration script for processing real-time transactions via Vantiv Lowell and performing tokenization via StrongAuth tokenization applience, using the data from the defaults configuration script and identities received from the processor. Additionally, we will configure processing transactions via Amex OptBlue functionality.

    We will use the following parameters:
    Processor name: Vantiv Lowell
    Name: vantiv-lowell.us.ps
    Defaults script description: My first profile
    Processing script description: My first processing script
  2. Log in to the system using your Username and Password and switch to the Management => Portfolio Perspective.

    Note: To learn how to log in and select perspectives, use the prerequisite tutorial Logging in and navigating the application.
  3. First, let's learn how to add defaults configuration scripts that are used for new merchants onboarding and contain pre-defined configurations with default provider settings.
  4. Locate     Configurations  button
  5. Choose   Profiles  menu item  
  6. Locate   Profile Default Configura...  groupbox
  7. Click   Addbutton
  8. Locate   Modify Profile Default Co...  groupbox
  9. Click   Select Profile Defaultsbutton next to the Profile textbox
  10. Select payment cards => realtime => vantiv => lowell in the Select Profile Defaults dropdown.
  11. Enter My First Profile into the Descriptiontextbox
  12. Locate   defaults  tab
  13. Fill out the form with the data provided by the gateway support.
  14. Click   Savebutton
  15. Now, we are going to learn how to add processing configuration scripts that are used for new merchants onboarding and allow to configure provider profiles, required for transaction processing, that include the data from the defaults script.
  16. Click   Configurationsbutton
  17. Choose   Processing  menu item  
  18. Locate   Configuration List  groupbox
  19. Click   Add Configurationbutton
  20. Locate   Modify Configuration Scri...  groupbox
  21. Locate   General  groupbox
  22. Enter vantiv-lowell.us.ps into the Nametextbox
  23. Enter My first processing script into the Descriptiontextbox
  24. Locate   getProfileList()  tab. We will learn how to add and configure a list of profiles with the same configurations required for transaction processing.
  25. Enter into the function getProfileList()...textbox the following data:
                              return ["ach/vantiv-lowell", "cards-realtime/vantiv-lowell", "tokenization/strongauth"];

  26. Locate   adjustData()  tab. We will learn how to adjust data specified in the default file.
  27. Enter into the function adjustProvisioni...textbox the following data:
                                      data.isAmexOptBlueAcquired = true;

  28. Locate   configureProfiles()  tab. We will learn how to create provider profiles based on the profiles specified in the getProfileList() and identities function.
  29. Enter into the function configureProvide...textbox the following data:

    var merchantId = identities.processorIdentity1;
    if (api.contains(filter,'R')){
      var profile = api.create("cards-realtime/vantiv-lowell:us"); 
      profile.merchantId = merchantId;
    if (api.contains(filter,'T')){

  30. Click   Savebutton
  31. Congratulations, you are done!

    You have learned how to create configuration scripts for merchant onboarding. Now you can do this by yourself.