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How to activate your account

Version: V3.2.7551
Added on: 10/28/14
Time: 15 min
Category: Quick Guides

Prerequisite Tutorials

Name Added On Difficulty Time Required Description
Creating a merchant with processing settings 06/13/14 30 mins In this tutorial we are going to create a new Merchant using more elaborate process which involves configuring processes settings.
Creating a merchant with remittance settings 06/16/14 30 mins In this tutorial we are going to create a new Merchant with extended settings.
Creating a new merchant account 10/16/14 15 mins This tutorial will teach ypu how to to create a Merchant Account using two different forms on Merchant perspective - "New Account (Extended)" and "Accounts".

How to activate your account

  1. Are you ready?

    In this tutorial we are going to learn how to activate an account once you've received a copy of the Merchant Agreement.

    We will proceed as follows:
    • Review the email that contains information about activation of your account;
    • Follow the steps to activate the account.

  2. After your merchant record is set up in the system, you will get an email with the activation information. Your email should look similar to the one in the screenshot.
  3. Follow the link that is specified in the email. You will be redirected to the confirmation form.
  4. Enter your Merchant's Tax ID into the Tax IDtextbox and select your country from the list in the opened form.
  5. Click Continue button. You will be redirected to the merchant agreement page.
  6. Review the text of the agreement. After you're done, locate I have read and I agree to these terms checkbox and check it off.

    Note: You cannot proceed without accepting the terms of the Merchant Agreement.
  7. Click I agree button.
  8. Congratulations, you are done!

    Now your account is active and you can continue your work.