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How to reset cache

Version: V4.2
Added on: 08/25/15
Time: 15 min
Category: Quick Guides

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How to reset cache

  1. Are you ready?

    In this tutorial we are going to learn how to reset gateway cache. From the user interface, you can reset the following types of cache:
    • Perspective State Cache - allows to reset last visited perspective to the default perspective (Console) for all users;
    • Merchant and User Cache - allows to reset all settings for users and merchants within the system;
    • Permission Cache - allows to reset permissions associated with users' security roles. It is used when the security role for one or more users was changed on User perspective;
    • Response Codes Cache - allows to reset response codes list when the new code is added in the system via Setup perspective.

    For this tutorial, we will use Reset Merchant and User Cache option.
  2. Log in to the system using your Username and Password and switch to the Administration => System Perspective.

    Note: To learn how to log in and select perspectives, use the prerequisite tutorial Logging in and navigating the application.
  3. Click   Systembutton in the top right section of the screen.
  4. Choose   Status  menu item  from the list.
  5. Click Reset Merchant and User Cache button.
  6. Congratulations, you are done!

    You have learned how to reset system cache within the gateway. Now you can do this by yourself.