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Ordering a terminal

Version: V4.3
Added on: 09/01/15
Time: 30 min
Category: Tutorials

Prerequisite Tutorials

Name Added On Difficulty Time Required Description
Creating a merchant (basic) 06/10/14 15 mins This tutorial will teach you how to create a new Merchant and configure its settings.

Ordering a terminal

  1. Are you ready?

    In this tutorial we are going to learn how to order a terminal. For this case, we will use the merchant created in Creating a merchant (basic) tutorial.
    We will use the following parameters:
    Terminal Order Settings:
    Fulfillment Center: Fulfillment Center 1
    Merchant Name: My First Merchant
    300 5th Ave
    New York
    10001, NY

    Contact Name: John Smith
    Phone: (646)187-1111
    Email: john.smith@email.com

    Order: Purchase
    Payment Arrangement: Purchase
    Shipping Method: Ground

    Model: IWL250
    Injection Key: Elavon viaConex4
    Configuration: POS Standalone
    Terminal Code: 001
  2. Log in to the system using your Username and Password.

    Note: To learn how to log in and select perspectives, use the prerequisite tutorial Logging in and navigating the application.
  3. You can order a terminal using Terminal Order List form, which is available at the following places:

    • Perspective => Console Perspective => Equipment => Orders => Terminal Order List
    • Perspective => Management => Merchant Perspective => Equipment => Orders => Terminal Order List

    You can choose any place you like.
  4. Select appropriate Merchant or Merchant Account in the top left section of the screen.
  5. Click   Equipmentbutton in the top section of the screen.
  6. Choose   Orders  menu item  from the list.
  7. Click   Addbutton
  8. Locate   General  groupbox
  9. Select Fulfillment Center 1 in   Fulfillment Centerdropdown
  10. Locate   Address  groupbox
  11. Click   Copy Frombutton to fill the section with data from contact or business information of the selected merchant/merchant account.
  12. Enter John Smith into the Nametextbox
  13. Enter 300 5th Ave into the Streettextbox
  14. Enter New York into the Citytextbox
  15. Select United States in Country Codedropdown
  16. Select New York in Statedropdown
  17. Enter 10001 into the ZIP Codetextbox
  18. Locate   Contact Information  groupbox
  19. Enter John Smith into the Contact Nametextbox
  20. Enter (646)187-1111 into the Phonetextbox
  21. Enter john.smith@email.com into the Emailtextbox
  22. Locate   Details  groupbox
  23. Locate   Order Type  label and select Purchase radio button.
  24. Locate   Payment Arrangement  label and select Purchase radio button.
  25. Select Ground in Shipping Methoddropdown
  26. Locate   Order  groupbox.

    Note: If you need to create a new terminal for your order, click Allocate Terminal button and review How to add a terminal tutorial (steps 7 to 14).
  27. Click   Addbutton
  28. Select IWL250 in Modelcolumn
  29. Select Elavon viaConex4 in Injection Keycolumn
  30. Select POS Standalone in Configurationcolumn
  31. Select 001 in Terminal Codecolumn
  32. Click   Submit Orderbutton to finish the order.
  33. Let's learn how to review created order and approve it for submission to the fulfillment center.
  34. Locate   Search  groupbox
  35. Enter 12/07/2023 into the Create Datedatebox
  36. Click   Findbutton
  37. Locate   List  groupbox
  38. Click   Edit Terminal Orderbutton next to your order to verify order information.
  39. Click   Approvebutton if all information in the order is correct.

    If you have done everything correctly, the status of your order will change to Processed.
  40. Congratulations, you are done!

    You have learned how to order a terminal. Now you can do this by yourself.

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