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Issuing batch refunds

Version: V7.1.0
Added on: 11/05/18
Time: 30 min
Category: Tutorials

Prerequisite Tutorials

Name Added On Difficulty Time Required Description
How to locate a sub-batch for review 11/25/15 30 mins In this tutorial you will learn how to locate a sub-batch for review and further approval.

Issuing batch refunds

  1. Are you ready?

    In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to issue refunds as real-time batch transactions. For batch refunds to be performed successfully, follow these rules:

    • You can issue up to 200 refunds at a time;
    • All transactions that you are going to issue refunds for must belong to one sub-batch;
    • Refunds can be issued for previously approved or partially approved transactions;
    • When indicating a list of transaction IDs that are going to be used for batch refunds, every transaction ID must be started from a new row;
    • For further identification of refund transactions issued in a batch, you are required to assign a particular note to it.

    We will proceed as follows:
    1. Locate the ID of the sub-batch that you are going to issue refunds for.
    2. Run a query to obtain the IDs of all approved transactions associated with a particular sub-batch. As refunds can be made for active merchants only, you can obtain the IDs of the transactions using the query only for active merchants as well.
    3. Issue refunds using a designated form and collect transactions IDs.
    4. Get the result of the batch refund processing.
    5. Use a query to get the IDs of the transactions that failed to be refunded in case if there were any issues during batch refund processing.
  2. Let's learn how to locate a sub-batch using a How to locate a sub-batch for review tutorial to get a sub-batch ID (we will use 1234 for training purposes within this tutorial).
  3. Log in to the system using your Username and Password and switch to the Administration -> System Perspective.

    Note: To learn how to log in and select perspectives, use the prerequisite tutorial Logging in and navigating the application.
  4. Let's learn how to execute a query to retrieve the IDs of the transactions that are going to be refunded. As stated above, transactions can be refunded only when they are approved or partially approved, thus, we will run the query for the transactions with the response codes A01 and A05.
  5. Click   IQbutton in the top section of the screen.
  6. Choose DQM  menu item   from the list.
  7. Locate   Query  groupbox
  8. Enter a query:
    select id from charge_transaction
    sub_batch_fk = 1234
    and response_code in ('A01', 'A05')
    and remaining_amount > 0

  9. Click Executebutton
  10. You will see a list of the IDs available for this sub-batch. Copy the results.
  11. Now, let's learn how to execute batch refunds.
  12. You can execute batch refunds at the Transactions form, which is available at the following places:

    • Perspective => Console => Transactions => List
    • Perspective => Management => Merchant perspective => Processing => Transactions
    • Perspective => Administration => Monitoring => Transactions

    You can choose any place you like.
  13. Click   Refundbutton
  14. Choose   Card  menu item   from the list.
  15. Choose Batch Refund  menu item   from the list.
  16. Locate   Transaction List  groupbox on the opened form.
  17. Locate   Transaction ID  textboxand enter the list of transactions IDs retrieved in step 10.
  18. Locate   Note  textboxand enter your note that will be used as an identifier of refunded transactions (for example, batch refund issued). If you followed all the steps correctly, your screen will look similar to the screenshot.
  19. Click   Processbutton .
  20. You will be automatically redirected on the Execution Log tab, where you will see the batch refund processing, including responses received for every transaction.
  21. Click   Nextbutton after the process is finished.
  22. Locate   Result  groupbox to review the result summary of batch refund processing. In case when refunds have not been processed for some reason, you will see a list of the declined transaction IDs in Declined Transactions field.
  23. Now, let's learn how to check the result of batch refund processing using a query. You will need to go to DQM form again. To do this, follow the steps from 2 to 6.
  24. Enter a query:

    amount/100 amount,
    original_reference_number original transactionId,
    account_number_masked account number,
    account_accessory_masked account accessory,
    transaction_memo memo,
    from charge_transaction
    request_date between '2018-11-01' and '2018-11-01'
    and transaction_memo = 'batch refund issued'

  25. Click Executebutton
  26. You will see the result of the batch refund processing.
  27. Congratulations, you are done!

    You have learned how to issue batch refunds and now can do this by yourself.

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