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Database run-time property used by the application and stored within a database
Filerun-time property used by the application and stored within a file
Buildbuild-time property used by the application and stored within a file

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Added On:  01/19/16
Legacy Name:  
Group:  General
Status:  Active
Attributes:   Required  
Configuration file for Apache Camel. Contains time settings for scheduled tasks.

Task may contain timer parameter and is required to contain consumer parameter.
Timer parameter sets task launch schedule in cron format. For Camel this format looks as follows: seconds + minutes + hours + days_of_month(1-31) + months + days_of_week(MON-SAT) For example:
imerchant.remittance-import-remittance-returns-timer.timer = 0+0+6,12,18+?+*+MON-FRI
Consumer parameter sets quantity of threads for task execution. Generation application (applicationContext.xml) checks whether specified value is allowed or not.
For example:
imerchant.remittance-import-remittance-returns.consumers = 1
Names of parameters cannot be changed.

Every task is assigned to a particular section. To control if a task is enabled or disabled, hash symbol is used. If a task is not needed in current version of the application, then all lines of this task's section have to be preceded by hash (#) sign.
For example:
#unicore Import remittance returns
It is allowed to add any comments within the camel-config.properties file.