Onboarding APIs


Current Specification Version: 7.1

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General Information


The purpose of this document is to provide documentation for 3rd parties to integrate with UniCharge processing gateway for using onboarding API. This API allows an integrator to use a special application to onboard the merchants. The onboarding application is a set of forms designed for obtaining a merchant account within the gateway. Within the application, a merchant will use the pages that will look similar to the following ones:

Connectivity Information  

The connection URL for the sandbox server is: https://[server-name]/gates/onboarding.
Authorization is done via service users. To access the API, a service user is required to be granted with a corresponding privilege. A user can submit API requests using either associated credentials or temporary password generated via authentication operation. To learn more about service users and end-points used for API submission, review Security Management guide.

Request method must be POST. For convenience purposes, sandbox server accommodates GET request as well. However, in production environment only POST request is allowed.
The content-type must be set to application/x-www-form-urlencoded when POST request is used.
Request fields are passed as HTTPS request parameters (including cases with callbacks) using name1=key1&name2=key2 (GET URL) format.
Response fields are passed within the body part of the HTTPS response as a part of the redirect to the response onboarding page.

Supported Operations

The operation used to onboard a new merchant.
Callback issued to the URL supplied by a submitter for delivering of onboarding process result.
Get Status   
The operation used to retrieve a status of the onboarding application.
The operation used to update the information associated with an onboarded merchant.

Note: The information can be updated on a processor's side only if the processor supports this operation.
Add Owner   
The operation used to add an owner to the onboarding application that has been created but not submitted yet.

Note: If the onboarding application has been already submitted to a processor, the information will not be passed to the processor.
Delete Owner   
The operation used to deactivate an owner within the gateway.

Note: You cannot delete an owner that is a controlling officer.

Message Formats


R - required in request/always present in response for direct debit transactions and credit card transactions of all levels (I, II, III).
O - optional in request/not always present in response.
C - conditional; conditions of the usage are defined below the corresponding section.
E - echo back from request; if present in request, it is present in response, if it is not present in request, it is not present in response.
R2 - required in request/always present in response for credit card transactions of level II and III only; optional for direct debit and level I credit card transactions.
R3 - required in request/always present in response for credit card transactions of III only; optional for direct debit and level I, II credit card transactions.
SR - required in request/always present in response for split transactions only.
I - for internal use only.
N - not used.
* - required fields in these specific sections are only required if this specific feature is used.