Processing Lock

Type:    Form
Description: Provides access to locked job messages management.

Processing Lock

Includes information about locked job messages.
Identifier of the object used for references; auto-incremented integer value.

References: Job Message.Id
Merchant Account
Code of Merchant Account to which instance of this object is attributed to.\n\nDepending on the context, Merchant Account Code field may contain either Merchant Code or Merchant Account Code.\n\nThe field is primarily used for data partitioning and data management, to make it easy to determine the ownership of a record within the database.

References: Job Message.Merchant Account Code
Queue Name
Name of the job queue.

References: Job Message.Queue Name
Reference to the entity that enumerates possible statuses of the job queue.

References: Job Message.Status CL
Create Date
Date when the record was created.

References: Job Message.Create Date
Last Attempt Date
Date of the last attempt to run the job queue.

References: Job Message.Last Attempt Date
Priority of the job queue.

References: Job Message.Priority
View message
Opens View Message form.
Remove lock
Reruns authentication for locked message.